Wet Season Tips

The idea is to embrace the rain. Walk, go swimming or watch the storms as they roll in across the water.

Please remember, though, that you cannot swim in the sea. Tempting though it is, the waters are deadly at this time of the year – with both crocodiles and box jellyfish (often referred to as stingers) present.

Here are the safe places to cool off in Darwin:


There are a few tours that are only available during the Wet:

  • In Kakadu National Park, if the road to Ubirr is flooded, you can take a very special cruise. This is only possible after significant rain so it’s a real treat. Join a small group to cruise through the paperbark forests along Magela Creek and out into the billabong.
  • Also in Kakadu, the waterfalls are an exceptional sight especially towards the end of the wet season. Mostly they are only accessible by air. As you skim across the Arnhem Plateau in a doorless helicopter check out the pools and tiny waterfalls just everywhere. Then as Jim Jim and Twin Falls come into view, fly through the mist and steam of the water as it crashes over the escarpment and down into the valley.
  • Further south in Katherine Gorge, again at the height of the wet season, there is the possibility of a power boat cruise through the gorge, skimming the rock ledges that link the gorges. 

Some more tips to include:

  • Walk early in the morning. For a special experience, stroll all alone as the sun rises over Mindil Beach.
  • Take a cruise and catch a breeze.
  • Visit the movies (take a sweater for this air-conditioned indoor cinema!).

What to wear:

  • You are in the tropics. Wear light, flimsy clothes made of natural fibres. Wear a hat, preferably one with a broad brim and buy a fan – generating a little amount of extra air makes a big difference.

Plus, did you know?

  • That the Wet is when the best tropical fruits come into season. Peel back the bright orange cheeks of fleshy fruit and dribble mango juice down your chin. Hunt around for the dark and red dragon fruit or the prickly red rambutans.
  • Humidity is one of your skin’s best friends. It leaves the skin supple and those little wrinkles seem to plumb up and disappear.
  • Your hair goes curly. Well, mine does! There’s no need for a perm in the tropics.

A Magic Time of Year