Thunder roars like a lion, tempting us through the Wet

CIMG3496 (1024x768)

Thunder rages and vibrates around the buildings and startling sheets of white light break through the curtains. The quiet night (I was asleep) is savagely broken by roaring thunder and competing blinding lightning. It barely rains, the energy of the storm too fierce to pause.

Off to Africa!

Today I fly to Africa! First stop Cape Town for a few days. Then we pick up a 4×4 car and drive north to explore Namibia for a month. I will keep updating you on Darwin in the Wet but might have to include the odd snippet or photo from the wilds of Africa. I […]


Welcome to Darwin in the Wet.  My blog site is created to share with you all there is to do and see in Darwin, during the Wet season.  The wet season which includes The Build up runs from November to the end of April.

Darwin in the Wet