Sydney Travelling Film Festival – a highlight of the wet season

This extravaganza of international and Australian films has been running for over 30 years, with the objective of bringing a diverse range of films to regional Australia. The festival is a highlight of the wet season where I can indulge in drama, comedy or thriller films, all somewhat off-beat, interesting and thought provoking. I opted … Read moreSydney Travelling Film Festival – a highlight of the wet season

Remembering Cyclone Tracy

40 years ago on Christmas Eve, Cyclone Tracy ripped through Darwin.  The ferocious winds and torrential sideways rain tore apart buildings, stripped the leaves from the trees and caused unforgettable damage.  Sheets of metal screamed into buildings, cars were upended, people huddled in cupboards under the stairs. I’ve just been down to the Cyclone Tracy exhibit … Read moreRemembering Cyclone Tracy

Exploring Darwin Peninsular – The Aviation Museum

Last week I drove around the peninsular of Darwin. My first stop was the northerly point, Casuarina Coastal Reserve at lunch time. Under the shade of the Casuarina trees, the picnic delights included manchega cheese, a pungent sheeps cheese from Spain and a crusty loaf of bread from Alley Cats.  Casuarina trees waved their narrow leaves in the … Read moreExploring Darwin Peninsular – The Aviation Museum

National Trust Heritage Festival

Myilly Point Heritage Precinct is a little slice of architectural history.  These four heritage listed houses were built before WWII for high-ranking civil servants.  This part of town was for the elite, although not quite in keeping with the original name of the area, Dead Horse Point!  The houses depict the authentic elevated Darwin home.  … Read moreNational Trust Heritage Festival