About Sue


I’ve written a book about my experience of living in Darwin in the wet season. I share my journey through Darwin, with tips on how to love the wet and walks and itineraries that showcase this unique tropical city.

In 2009 I arrived in Darwin. It had such a magnetic pull that we put the rest of our travel plans on hold and decided to stay.  It is amazingly friendly and the lifestyle is relaxed and easy.  I love the exciting storms and the lush scenery and contrary to everyone else’s opinion, I found there was loads to see and do.  So I decided to share my experiences and write a guide book.

I am a member of Tourism Top End, the NT Writers Centre and Darwin Authors Group.  In addition I write for Explore Australia updating their guide books.  In 2012 I was one of the writers in residence at the Territory Wildlife Park, co-publishing a book called Wild Words.

I’m originally from the UK but have spent the last 33 years in Australia.  I am married to an “Aussie” which is why I initially settled here.  I was keen to explore the opportunities available in Australia, mainly from a career point of view.  However I hadn’t done a lot of travelling so I also saw Australia as a land of unlimited travel possibilities.  I worked for 25 years in the IT industry, climbing the corporate ladder and working all the hours available.  In 1996 Ken and I took a few months off and travelled to the Kimberley.  This started the bug.  We had a 4WD, we went off-the-beaten track and we camped.  I loved the wide open spaces, the brilliant blue skies, the perpetual warmth and the outdoor living.

Back in Sydney, the IT industry seemed a million miles away from the travel scene.  So I opted out and started my own travel business.  I designed itineraries for corporate travellers to Sydney who wanted to see the “locals” side of the City.  I had a lot of fun and I too discovered a new Sydney which I wanted to share with others.  So I wrote about the “Hidden treasures of Sydney”.

Ken and I started a new chapter of our lives in 2005 when we sold up everything we owned to travel Australia in a 4WD and an off-road trailer.  For 5 years we explored up and down the country, delving into the locals scene and the off the beaten track destinations.  And I wrote about these journeys too.

Its 2015 and now we are here to stay.


Darwin in the Wet