Down the Track – Adelaide River

Is it time for a coffee, or lunch or just a break en route south?  Then pull over at Adelaide River.

Call in to Top End Stonecraft for a vast array of zebra and okapi rock gifts (just north of the garage) – everything comes direct from the mine at Lake Argyle in the Kimberley. Then follow the road along the river past a tree-lined park (perfect for a picnic) to the Cemetery. Wander through the graves, speculate and remember those who gave their lives in the defence of this country. Of particular note is the area set aside for those Post Office workers who died when the Japanese bombed Darwin on 19th February 1942.

On the opposite side of the highway, call in at the NT Railway Museum. Wander around the grounds, check out the old railway carriages and peruse the history of how the railway was built.  Just imagine that the old railway station was the first dining room in Australia! Then there’s the WWII story boards and an old shed set aside to commemorate the Bombing of Darwin. During WW II this area was a major camp for allied and Australian troops and somewhere in the bush is the ruins of the original hospital site.

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