Sydney Travelling Film Festival – a highlight of the wet season

This extravaganza of international and Australian films has been running for over 30 years, with the objective of bringing a diverse range of films to regional Australia. The festival is a highlight of the wet season where I can indulge in drama, comedy or thriller films, all somewhat off-beat, interesting and thought provoking.

I opted for The Dark Horse for the opening night – a powerful NZ movie and a true story.  This was followed by drinks and nibbles in the foyer.  Everyone milled around, had a few drinks and chatted, it was amazing how many people I knew.  I had Friday off and then Saturday was an extravaganza of movies, starting with a 3 1/2 hours of a Turkish movie called Winter Sleep (would have been good at 2 hours!) and ending with Still Alice, starring Julianne Moore which is a very powerful, and sad, movie about Alice who gets early Alzheimer’s.  Finally on Sunday was Touch, a great Aussie thriller by an emerging director.

Phew, the weekend was fun, yes tiring but also a great opportunity for a weekend of air conditioning!



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