Sunset and the Wet season – Cullen Bay

IMG_4951 (1024x683)Down on the beach at Cullen Bay, the wind blows furiously.  It’s so much cooler down beside the sea.  My hair streams backwards, I almost look bald! It’s the wet season, it’s so windy that the palm tree fronds go berserk and we have to hold onto the plastic glasses.  There’s plenty of chatter, a few red wines with platters of nibbles to share.  There’s great camaraderie and a few friends join us to celebrate.

Surprisingly the clouds are gentle, just small clusters around the horizon allowing a light glow of sunshine to reach the sea.  The tide is receding and the sand bar starts to appear.

Then the magic begins and the sky is transformed.  Bursts of orange and red flood the sky as the sun sets.




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