Down in the Gardens

The Kookaburra whizzes across the path, his brilliant blue wings flashing in the early morning sun.  He sits silhouetted against the blue sky, turning this way and that, posing for a photo.  Many of the group have high powered zoom lenses and capture a close up of this Blue-winged kookaburra.  Did you know he can’t laugh?

I’m on a bird watching walk in George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens run by National Parks as part of Parks Week. Honeyeaters sing in the flowering gums and spoonbills fly overhead like a couple of jumbo jets. Curlews stand to attention, not moving a muscle, they think they are hiding in the shadows of the tree. We track down the birds by focusing on finding the flowering plants, which I find a much more interesting way to bird watch than wandering around with the binoculars to my eyes not seeing a thing!

Another bonus of the walk was to explore more of the Gardens, such a beautiful place especially during the wet season.

I can’t resist sharing this photo.  It’s the flower from a cannonball tree.  The delicate flowers hang off a vine like stem around the tree and they seem at odds with the huge balls of fruit.



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