Kakadu culture

Experience a fascinating and unique world of art, many thousands of years old, in some of the most beautiful scenery in the Northern Territory. Bush tracks lead to a number of rock art sites where intriguing stories shed light on some of the mystery and culture behind the paintings. The rock art tells stories of […]

Tolmer Falls Walk Litchfield National Park

Follow the creek to the top of Tolmer Falls past rocky outcrops and spiky cycads. Fans of silvery grey fronds sway in stark contrast to the vivid green spear grass and mottled trunks of the eucalypts. The only sound is the squeaking of the rainbow lorikeets as they chatter noisily. If only they would stay still to reveal their colourful […]

Camping at Dundee Beach

We tested our new camper (Toyota Troop Carrier) yesterday and took it to Dundee Beach, about 150km south west of Darwin. It rained. In fact it bucketed down for most of the time we were there. It was beautiful, the rain cascaded through the trees, preceded by a strong wind. The air cooled, the grass very […]

Darwin in the Wet