Cannonballs in the Gardens


It’s dawn in the Gardens. The orange-tooted scrub fowl waddles across the path to scratch around in the dead leaves. The air is damp with the dew on the grass and soft hazy clouds pepper the sky. The wet air reminds me that it’s not long to go to the Wet Season. I can’t resist sharing this […]

East Point in the wet season

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Dawn during the wet season is a favourite time to walk.  Head out to East Point and the picnic area at Dudley Point (also a great sunset watching and picnic place) A cool breeze blows in from the ocean.  The waves lap gently onto the rocky beach and the birds wake up with the sun.  […]

Early morning in Nightcliff

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Early this morning, I wander along the beach at Nightcliff. It’s the wet season and the sky is threatening to unleash a welcome storm. The white caps gallop towards the shore and the clear aquamarine sea is daunting and dark. The wind picks up and the palm trees cavort in the wind. Shades of ominous grey clouds mottle […]

The monsoon of the Wet

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Monsoon bands of dense cloud descend from Indonesia, crossing the Arafura Sea to hang over the top of Australia.  Black clouds billow across the city like smoke billowing from a nearby chimney. Soft rain cascades out of the sky. The air is filled with mist.  The humidity and temperatures fall, it’s refreshingly cooler. Then the rain slows, […]

Sunset and the Wet season – Cullen Bay

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Down on the beach at Cullen Bay, the wind blows furiously.  It’s so much cooler down beside the sea.  My hair streams backwards, I almost look bald! It’s the wet season, it’s so windy that the palm tree fronds go berserk and we have to hold onto the plastic glasses.  There’s plenty of chatter, a few red […]

Dawn at Stokes Wharf

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The weather is getting steamier and there’s still not much sign of rain but down on the wharf the breeze keeps me cool. I stand alongside the rails and wait for the sun to rise.  Seagulls squabble over the fishy remains, boats are silhouetted in the pale dawn light and the water is just slightly rippled […]

The Wet is on the way

Last week teased us with a short shower, clouds are starting to build on the horizon and it’s starting to get hotter. Creamy Frangipanis decorate the path, their strong smelling perfume hovers on the breeze. Honking Magpie Geese fly overhead in formation, a couple of raucous Cockatoo follow in their wake. I had a picnic […]

The Wet is coming to an end

It’s almost the end of April and the tropical storms are easing. Dragonflies hover in the breeze signalling the start of the dry weather and the cool winds blow from the south. It won’t be very long before the rain completely stops. The lush green grass starts to fade and die and the landscape will […]

Down in the Gardens

The Kookaburra whizzes across the path, his brilliant blue wings flashing in the early morning sun.  He sits silhouetted against the blue sky, turning this way and that, posing for a photo.  Many of the group have high powered zoom lenses and capture a close up of this Blue-winged kookaburra.  Did you know he can’t laugh? […]

See Darwin in One Day

Are you on a stopover between Australia and Asia or just have one day to spare? Here are my suggestions for seeing the best of Darwin. In the cool of the early morning, as the sun rises over the harbour, stroll around the Darwin Waterfront. Wind through the Frangipanis, past the wave pool and the […]

Darwin in the Wet