Loads of rain and exciting storms

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The temperature is cool and the grass is green and lush.  Magpie geese and sacred ibis happily play in the pools of water on the beach and in the Botanic Gardens.  Last week at Cullen Bay foreshore a storm raged around the cafe. The fish and chips are fabulous and the storm was getting lots of […]

Upriver from Florence Falls

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It’s a treat to be in the bush, away from the heat of the city where the creek waters gallop round the rocks and little waterfalls rush around the trees.  Slide down the bank (it’s only shallow) and cool off in the rock pools but be careful as during the Wet season the current is […]

Sunset and the Wet season – Cullen Bay

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Down on the beach at Cullen Bay, the wind blows furiously.  It’s so much cooler down beside the sea.  My hair streams backwards, I almost look bald! It’s the wet season, it’s so windy that the palm tree fronds go berserk and we have to hold onto the plastic glasses.  There’s plenty of chatter, a few red […]

Remembering Cyclone Tracy

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40 years ago on Christmas Eve, Cyclone Tracy ripped through Darwin.  The ferocious winds and torrential sideways rain tore apart buildings, stripped the leaves from the trees and caused unforgettable damage.  Sheets of metal screamed into buildings, cars were upended, people huddled in cupboards under the stairs. I’ve just been down to the Cyclone Tracy exhibit […]

Dawn at Stokes Wharf

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The weather is getting steamier and there’s still not much sign of rain but down on the wharf the breeze keeps me cool. I stand alongside the rails and wait for the sun to rise.  Seagulls squabble over the fishy remains, boats are silhouetted in the pale dawn light and the water is just slightly rippled […]

Exploring Darwin Peninsular – The Aviation Museum

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Last week I drove around the peninsular of Darwin. My first stop was the northerly point, Casuarina Coastal Reserve at lunch time. Under the shade of the Casuarina trees, the picnic delights included manchega cheese, a pungent sheeps cheese from Spain and a crusty loaf of bread from Alley Cats.  Casuarina trees waved their narrow leaves in the […]

The Wet is on the way

Last week teased us with a short shower, clouds are starting to build on the horizon and it’s starting to get hotter. Creamy Frangipanis decorate the path, their strong smelling perfume hovers on the breeze. Honking Magpie Geese fly overhead in formation, a couple of raucous Cockatoo follow in their wake. I had a picnic […]

My Guide Book – Darwin in the Wet

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Join me on a journey through Darwin in the Wet. Get a sense of the power and fury of tropical storms, smell the pungent smell of soaking grass and giggle at the cacophony of croaking frogs. Discover the best places to watch the lightning, where to find local haunts or the best coffee. Watch this […]

The Wet is coming to an end

It’s almost the end of April and the tropical storms are easing. Dragonflies hover in the breeze signalling the start of the dry weather and the cool winds blow from the south. It won’t be very long before the rain completely stops. The lush green grass starts to fade and die and the landscape will […]

National Trust Heritage Festival

Myilly Point Heritage Precinct is a little slice of architectural history.  These four heritage listed houses were built before WWII for high-ranking civil servants.  This part of town was for the elite, although not quite in keeping with the original name of the area, Dead Horse Point!  The houses depict the authentic elevated Darwin home.  […]

Darwin in the Wet