Christmas Special – Free gift wrapping


Saturday 5, 12 & 19 December come along to Parap Markets and get a copy of Darwin in the Wet, the best (and only) wet season guide to Darwin and the Top End. Signed, gift wrapped and posted by the author! See you there!

Darwin in the Wet

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Join me on a journey through Darwin in the Wet. Get a sense of the power and fury of tropical storms, smell the pungent smell of soaking grass and giggle at the cacophony of croaking frogs. Discover the best places to watch the lightning, where to find local haunts or the best coffee. Watch this […]

Cannonballs in the Gardens


It’s dawn in the Gardens. The orange-tooted scrub fowl waddles across the path to scratch around in the dead leaves. The air is damp with the dew on the grass and soft hazy clouds pepper the sky. The wet air reminds me that it’s not long to go to the Wet Season. I can’t resist sharing this […]

Darwin in the Wet now in Darwin bookshops

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My book, Darwin in the Wet is finished and published.  The book is a guide book and travelogue and comes with a beautiful bookmark, making it a great present for friends or family as well as an attractive memento of Darwin. I’d love you to join me on a journey through Darwin.  Let me introduce […]

Purple Mango coffee in the bush

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The best café in the bush – the flyer says. I love discovering and experiencing new places during the Wet season so the next day we head out to Corroboree Tavern. Sure enough Purple Mango Café is a gem. It’s off the beaten track (but on the way to Kakadu) and hidden in the trees with a […]

East Point in the wet season

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Dawn during the wet season is a favourite time to walk.  Head out to East Point and the picnic area at Dudley Point (also a great sunset watching and picnic place) A cool breeze blows in from the ocean.  The waves lap gently onto the rocky beach and the birds wake up with the sun.  […]

Early morning in Nightcliff

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Early this morning, I wander along the beach at Nightcliff. It’s the wet season and the sky is threatening to unleash a welcome storm. The white caps gallop towards the shore and the clear aquamarine sea is daunting and dark. The wind picks up and the palm trees cavort in the wind. Shades of ominous grey clouds mottle […]

Sydney Travelling Film Festival – a highlight of the wet season

This extravaganza of international and Australian films has been running for over 30 years, with the objective of bringing a diverse range of films to regional Australia. The festival is a highlight of the wet season where I can indulge in drama, comedy or thriller films, all somewhat off-beat, interesting and thought provoking. I opted […]

Thunder roars like a lion, tempting us through the Wet

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Thunder rages and vibrates around the buildings and startling sheets of white light break through the curtains. The quiet night (I was asleep) is savagely broken by roaring thunder and competing blinding lightning. It barely rains, the energy of the storm too fierce to pause.

The monsoon of the Wet

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Monsoon bands of dense cloud descend from Indonesia, crossing the Arafura Sea to hang over the top of Australia.  Black clouds billow across the city like smoke billowing from a nearby chimney. Soft rain cascades out of the sky. The air is filled with mist.  The humidity and temperatures fall, it’s refreshingly cooler. Then the rain slows, […]

Darwin in the Wet